PIANO CITY® is a citywide big festival, lasting 3 days, where the piano assumes the leading role.
Out of bounds, without any discrimination of musical genre, venues or ages, with energy of love and joy that only music can give, Piano City® will resonate in:
• private houses, that will open their doors to the audience thru house concerts;
• the most suggestive spots of the city, as museums, historical buildings, squares, courtyards..
• the most unexpected places (bus station, river boats...);
• through the main artists evening concerts



More than one hundred pianists from all countries of Southeastern Europe gathered in the city on Danube for the launching edition of PIANO CITY NOVI SAD in 2017. With 65 concerts on 21 locations in 3 days it was a stunning start for a city with population of just a little over 250.000 people.


European Capital of Culture for the year 2021, embraced the wonderful Idea of Piano City® concept. Brought to the Serbian cultural scene by two classical and crossover pianists - Maja Alvanović and Kosta Jevtić, it made Novi Sad the first regional center for one of a kind pianistic pilgrimage.



Creator of PIANO CITY® concept is Andreas Kern, German pianist known and esteemed internationally for his idea of innovation in music.

In October 2010 Kern launched the first Piano City® Festival in Berlin involving 70 houses and international stars of the piano, with events like “Long Piano Night” and “Piano Battle”.

Two days soaked with the sound of piano bended to the prestige and the magic thanks to the attendance of pianists like Ludovico Einaudi, that in May 2013 decided to bring the Piano City® to Milan achieving resounding success.

From 2010 until today, many cities adopted the concept: Berlin, Milan, Naples, Novi Sad, Palermo, Trieste and the network is still growing.

Music will resonate in private houses, parks, schools, concert halls, squares... and will be the perfect soundtrack for the City.